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Diacon Corp., in conjunction with our partner Barker Products, is a leading manufacturer of snubber test and maintenance equipment and services. We are the OEM suppliers of API, API/Barker, and Barker/Diacon snubber test machines.

Our solutions for snubber testing and maintenance activities have been perfected through 20 years of evolution and innovation. Utilities and service organizations across North America, Asia, and Europe rely on Barker/Diacon equipment for the efficient operation of their snubber test programs.

Our state of the art software, electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical systems provide our customers with the most reliable, most productive, and best supported snubber test and maintenance equipment available anywhere.


The Barker/Diacon System 2000 Series Snubber Test Bench is designed to provide utilities and service companies with a rugged, easy to maintain, and easy to use piece of test gear to support snubber ISI activities.

While maintaining a conservative design philosophy, the entire system has been analyzed from the ground up, resulting in a more logical, higher performance system with enhanced usability and reliability as compared to earlier designs of test benches.

The System 2000 Snubber Test Bench System is capable of testing all types of snubbers, including mechanical acceleration limiting, mechanical velocity limiting, and hydraulic velocity limiting with or without activation (lock up) characteristics.

We build test benches with capacities from 6 kip to 200 kip, or higher on special order. A typical standard machine includes a high force load frame (75kip or 130 kip), a low force test frame (6 kip), a hydraulic power unit (hpu), and a system control console.

We can also build integral units where the hpu is built into each frame, for space savings and easier transport.


Barker/Diacon engineers were among the first to introduce this technology to the utility industry in 1982. From those beginnings comes the Barker/Diacon IPST10 Snubber Test System. The IPST10 provides a method of testing large bore hydraulic snubbers in their installed locations. Full functional testing of the snubber valves, through lockup and bleed rate testing, and of the snubber pressure seals can be accomplished. Tests are directly comparable with those performed on a test bench.

To use the IPST10, the test machine is moved to the location of the snubber via supplied quick connect fittings. Fifty feet of hose are supplied to attach the machine to the snubber. The snubber may be left attached to the plant structure, if suitable manifolds have been installed, or one or both pins may be removed. All tests are carried out via computer control from the test machine, which is an ALARA benefit.

The IPST10 simulates bench testing by calculating the internal snubber pressure and flow which correspond to requested snubber loads and velocities. These calculated values are then applied to the snubber and the results measure with the use of precision pressure and flow transducers.

The results are correlated back to the more common units of force and linear velocity for output to color graphic printout.


Outage Support Services Barker/Diacon can supply engineers to support testing activities using our equipment. 
Calibration Services Diacon Corp. can perform on site, one day calibration of all API, API/Barker, and Barker/Diacon test benches, as well as any Bergen Paterson or Anchor Darling test benches.

We can also calibrate IPST 10 In Place Test machines off site.

Our calibrations are traceable to NIST, and are performed under our QA program.

Test Equipment Repair Services We perform maintenance and repair of any of our equipment on a scheduled or as needed basis.
Training Services


Barker/Diacon supplies the only authorized operation training for API/Barker and Barker/Diacon equipment. Training can be performed at our facilities or yours.

If you have any questions on any of our snubber related products, please contact us:

                  Duncan Potter                    Diacon Corp
                                                               26 Waterhouse Road, Cape Elizabeth
                                                               Maine 04107
                                                               Tel: 207 767 8219
                                                               Fax: 207 767 3753


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