Thursday, June 24, 2021

SUPPORT VENDOR - Anvil International, Inc.

Anvil International, Inc. (formerly known as Grinnell Corp.) is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of Engineered Pipe Hangers and Supports. Our company, which was started in 1850 by Frederick J. Grinnell, was founded on three basic principles - Engineering Excellence, Quality and Service. We remain committed to those principles today.

Our in stock inventory of both Nuclear and Commercial Variable Springs, Constant Supports, Hydraulic Snubbers, Sway Struts, Limit Stops, Hardware and Structural Members are used worldwide in many industries including Fossil Fuel, Petro-Chemical, Refinery, and Nuclear plants.

Anvil's Hydraulic Snubber offerings give you the added advantage of meeting today's challenging requirements of longer service life as well as reduced costly inspections and testing. Our commitment is to save you time and money, whether your looking for New Units, Exact Drop in Replacements (Our New Figure 3306) or Upgrading Older Existing Units with our Pressurized Valve and Reservoir Kits.

We also stock a complete inventory of hydraulic units, seal kits, fluid, and attachment accessories to meet your outage or emergency needs.

Our North Kingstown facility's total quality program includes our ASME "NPT" & "NS" Nuclear Certificates of Authorization as well as ISO 9001-2000.

We maintain a fully qualified staff of field service technicians to perform system walk downs and perform snubber rebuilds or training.

For more information on Anvil, contact the following key people:

Contacts Paul Dube
Manager of Nuclear & Engineered Product Sales
Office: 401-886-3076
Cell: 401-932-4849


  Matt Palmer
Office: 401-558-2505


  Gary Szechy
National Sales Manager
Office: 440-582-3116
Cell: 440-263-0178

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