Thursday, June 24, 2021

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Current Issues that are being addressed by SNUG include the following:
  • Service Life / Life Extension / License Renewal
    A Working Group is addressing issues related to snubber service life. Due to increased activity in the area of plant license renewal and plant life extension, there are concerns with regard to snubber service life issues. Some of the concerns being addressed include determining acceptable methods of monitoring service life, preventive maintenance activities needed to extend service life, and cost effective corrective actions when service life is reached. This is a priority effort addressing this area as an emerging area of concern.

  • Training / Knowledge Retention
    A Working Group is addressing the needs of the industry for training in the area of snubber program management and implementation, as well as providing for the retention of a wide knowledge base in view of an increasing trend in personnel turnover. A large portion of the knowledge required for successfully managing and implementing a snubber program is experiential in nature, and personnel turnover has had a negative impact upon the knowledge base of the industry as a whole. The Working Group is tasked with identifying areas of need where SNUG can either lead or facilitate training and informational workshops. Opportunities to be investigated include the continuation of workshops and seminars previously offered as well as new workshops targeting the areas of general knowledge (regulatory basis of program requirements, previous research and information that is available, “tribal knowledge”) that would be beneficial to personnel entering into the snubber arena with no or limited background knowledge.

  • Regulatory and Code Issues
    A Working Group is tasked to assess issues or concerns associated with regulatory and/or code requirements. The group’s responsibility is to identify concerns and present them to the SNUG body for awareness as well as to act as a liaison to convey SNUG concerns or feedback to the appropriate governing bodies. Currently SNUG is working with NEI to incorporate LCO 3.0.8 into the generic technical specification in order to address issues with removing snubbers for testing (TSTF-372). The working group will also interact with ASME ISTD on an ongoing basis to provide feedback to ISTD and to provide SNUG members with detailed information on Code issues or concerns, as well as guidance on adopting or incorporating code requirements.

  • Mechanical and Hydraulic Snubber Issues
    Standing Working Groups are in place for both mechanical and hydraulic snubbers to identify and address emerging concerns specifically related to their respective type. Should either group identify a specific concern significant to warrant more detailed attention a new working group or task force will be assigned to address that issue. The chairs of these working groups serve as primary contacts for questions or concerns that may be posed in each area.
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