Friday, June 25, 2021

  • Our Mission Statement

    The SNubber Users Group will strive to improve the reliability and cost effectiveness of snubber programs at nuclear power facilities.  We will accomplish this by providing a forum for the open exchange of technical information and ideas, by providing training opportunities, by serving as a primary source of input to ASME Code organizations, and by aggressively pursuing cost effective solutions to concerns and issues that impact the nuclear power industry.

  • Our Objectives
    To achieve our mission, the SNubber Users Group and its members will:
    • Acquire and exchange information on the design, manufacturing, maintenance, examination and testing of snubbers.
    • Initiate and conduct workshops and other training opportunities in order to promote consistency and maintain an industry wide knowledge base in response to workforce reductions and organizational changes.
    • Address licensing issues related to snubbers and disseminate information on codes, standards and regulations affecting snubbers.
    • Act as a liaison to the ASME Code organization by providing information and feedback on code related issues.
    • Develop and maintain a computerized database of member's snubber information for use by SNUG members and to support the efforts of SNUG as a whole.
    • Utilize Working Groups as needed to address significant issues, report findings and recommend actions to SNUG members as appropriate.
    • Develop and maintain a working relationship with snubber manufacturers, vendors and regulators.

    In addition, the SNubber Users Group, with the approval of members, will:
    • Serve as a technical information resource to other nuclear electric industry organizations (e.g., EPRI, INPO, NEI) on issues relative to snubbers.
    • Provide the opportunity for members to interface and exchange technical information with representatives from companies providing snubber-related products and services to the nuclear industry.
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